Every Sunday

Brooklyn Service starting at 11am

Staten Island Service starting at 4pm



3905 2nd Avenue
Second Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11232



Staten Island
1094 Castleton Ave
First Floor
Staten Island, NY 10310



ZION Church is a new church in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Our team is native born New Yorkers who love Jesus and want to spread his message. We welcome everyone who calls this great city their home. Starting a Brooklyn church is exciting, scary, fun, and crazy. And we love it! Brooklyn, NY is one of the most unique places on earth, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

ZION is a recently established Christian church in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. We pride ourselves as a small and innovative church with a big focus on community relations. We offer church services to Dyker Heights, Sunset Park, and Bensonhurst areas as well.
Being one of the best churches in Brooklyn, NY, is a unique experience. All our attendees and devotees are native New Yorkers who love this great city. At ZION, we are trying to create an intimate churchgoing experience where God loving New Yorkers can come together and communicate freely. We want to bring back the tight-knit, familial feeling of being a part of a community like Brooklyn.
Live a bold life with the support of people around you. Join our online community and make new friends following God. We believe in changing lives through long-standing and tenacious relationship.
Open your heart to change with a new Christian church
In the fast-paced modern lives, we feel that most people have lost touch with what’s truly important in life. We lock ourselves inside insulated apartments, shut out our neighbors and close our hearts to God. As the newest church in South Brooklyn, we want to change that.
Churchgoers at ZION come from all walks of city life. Our partners and contributors are singers, artists, designers, musicians, writers and other people who create. We marvel at God’s magnificent creation that is the world. As his believers, we also want with our small creation to contribute towards the good of the world.
Taking our cue from Jesus himself, who did ministry to further the cause of Christianity, we practice discipleship to spread the Gospel to other gentiles as a Christian church NYC. We want to be the ordinary people through whom God can do extraordinary things.




Be a part of our online community to find out about all the things happening offline. We have hang outs constantly in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. Even though our church is located in Bay Ridge that doesn’t stop us from having a good time all over NYC. Learn about dinner parties, who’s doing what during the week, and get to know others in the ZION church family.


ZION Church is a new church in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Services every Sunday at 11am beginning January 8th, 2017.


Our Sunday worship gathering is online.
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meet online or outdoors.
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